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What is a Realistic Vagina

A realistic vagina is also known as an artificial vagina.They are designed solely to imitate the female sex organ. They do provide additional sexual stimulation and satisfaction for the male partner. This type of sex toy is also known as a masturbation aid that is made to stimulate the sensation of the sexual intercourse on the erect penis. An artificial vagina is modeled after a female genital. You may also find many special designs which are the exact replica of some famous porn actresses. Some realistic vagina does come in a form of boobs, ass or mini human figure for additional stimulation apart from the penetration. They are famous for providing a lifelike experience that no other sex toy can deliver. The soft and sensual masturbators are exactly what you need if you are looking to add more variety to your solo sessions. In order to make your erotic adventure more realistic, we do recommend that you add a warming lubricant along with the realistic vagina.

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Unbelievable Heath Benefits for Men's Masturbation

  1. Last longer: consider masturbation a regular training for your penis to last longer. Healthy masturbation would help to maintain the quality of your erection, while stimulating every single nerve on your penis.
  2. Penis Enlargement: Some people think this might not be true, but it really is. At least not as much as what most people imagine. Periodic masturbation is also one of the ways to massage blood vessels around your penis. After sometime, you would see tiny increment in terms of size and roughness of your penis.
  3. It helps to prevent prostate cancer: A medical research conducted in Australia found that grown-up men who masturbate more than 5 times a week has 33.33% lower probability to have prostate cancer.
  4. It boosts self-esteem: We all know men's pride is priceless. Regular masturbation helps to restore men's self-esteem.
  5. To have good sleep at night: Masturbation helps to relax your body both mentally and physically, thus leading to quality sleep at night.


Important Benefits With the Use of Vibrators
  • Understand your body: Women get to know their body by using vibrator during masturbation. You can use it to explore every single part of your body, to find out where is the most sensitive spot. Very often, vibrators come with control panel which is where you can control the vibration speed and direction. Use it on your clit, G-spot, or even nipples to understand your body. After that, you could tell your partner how to do better to bring you sexual satisfaction. Couple usually becomes more intimate if they're willing to go through this process.
  • New toys for your sex life: Very often, couple get bored in sex life after several years. To maintain the relationship, they gotta keep looking for new stuff to play around. Using vibrators could be one of the ways. Imagine if your male partner use a vibrator to stimulate your vagina, while doing dirty-talking with you. That could be a forgettable night. A study reveals that couple that use sex toys in their sex life tend to have longer-lasting relationship than those without using sex toys.
  • A great replacement for real penis: Some husbands would buy their wives vibrators when they gotta travel for a long business trip. People get lonely when their partner is not by their side. We all have sexual desire. Vibrators could be used to fill this loneliness.
  • Easier to get orgasm: One thing for sure, a vibrator performs better than a man's tongue. Women love oral sex. But they love high vibration speed more. This is the thing that human-being can never do. Couple that use vibrator in foreplay tend to have higher level of satisfaction during the sexual intercourse. It helps to stimulate women's senses even greater. It will be easier for them to reach orgasm.